Reasons to buy from a NACB Member

Why buy from a NACB member?

As a discerning caterer you strive to provide your customers with the very best food and service available. Purchasing your meat and meat products from an approved NACB supplier provides a number of assurances.

  • NACB butchers will go the extra mile to ensure your specific requirements are met. NACB accredited catering butchers take special care to ensure that they understand the key values of their individual customers whether it is a consideration of animal welfare, the environment or ethical concerns.
  • NACB Butchers are committed to delivering the very highest level of service, quality and consistency.
  • The NACB Standard requires accredited catering butchers develop an embedded food safety culture. This means that all staff from the leadership to the delivery driver must understand the need to adhere to good food safety practices.
  • The new NACB Standard has incorporated integrity requirements in addition to food safety, taking in to consideration customer needs for a greater level of assurance.
  • By buying from an NACB butcher you will be reducing the risk that you will be non-compliant with food legislation. The new standard covers the new food information regulation with particular attention on the new requirement on allergens something we recognise as a key concern for caterers.
  • The NACB Standard is accepted as part of the Red Tractor and EBLEX Quality Standard Mark Schemes delivering certified traceability and assured standards.
  • NACB supply can provide a number of other benefits
    • Hygiene and food safety
    • Certified traceability from farm to fork
    • Consistent supply
    • Bespoke specifications
    • Portion Control
    • Product innovation
  • You can find your nearest catering butcher here. Nationwide coverage can be provided through the NACB network. Please contact The NACB Secretariat for further information.
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